Student Audio Files by Subject

The following links include the At Home audio files by subject.

Each page number is announced followed by 5 seconds, allowing time to find the associated page in the workbook.

Index (pdf)

  1. Cadences
  2. Chord Progressions
  3. Four-Part Dictation
  4. Intervals
  5. Melodic Dictation
  6. Miscellaneous Subjects   (Melodic Devices, Phrase Structure, Ornaments & Non-harmonic Tones, Harmonic Function, Tonicization & Modulation, and Altered Chords & Suspensions)
  7. Musical Excerpts with Questions
  8. Rhythmic Dictation
  9. Scales and Modes
  10. Seventh Chords
  11. Tonality
  12. Triads